ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), originally  alludes to a system used for determining resources of an organization or a company.

A typical ERP system includes basic functions of an organization, which can be a company, or NPO, or NGO, etc.

A ERP software integrates common functions of an organization into a single system. Instead of having to use an accounting software, a salary software for human resource, manufacturing management, etc. separately and simultaneously, ERP integrates all of these aforementioned functions into a single system.

Effective solution for Company

ERP becoming a trendy and widely used nowadays thanks to its vast benefits and applicability:

  • ERP minimizes replicative tasks and especially decrease manual data input, which enhances data unity in the company.
  • Standardizes into a unified process, which helps company manage data easier and more efficient.
  • All datum are stored on the same network, the database is secured and timely updated.
  • ERP is flexible, easy-to.use, and highly integratable with high extensibility, can be operated anywhere, at anytime and from any devices.
  • Information is updated in real time, ensuring the accuracy which helps simplify management and timely fix bugs/errors during operation

ERP helps businesses reduce the investment for the unified system in comparison to the investment for many different and separated systems.

ERP trend in Vietnam

In recent years, the market for ERP solutions in Vietnam is significantly vibrant due to the increase number of companies that look for perfecting their management for efficient usage of resource during business operation. However, a company might purchase only a few system packages depending on their capability and needs instead of a complete package (also could be because it’s unnecessary for them)